Habitus Infographic

Pierre Bourdieu, a french sociologist has quite an ambiguous theory into the social theory about certain dispositions that we possess due to our life experiences. Perceiving how Organised the ways in which individuals perceive the social world around them and react to it.

Habitus is all about your journey the skills that you have learnt over the years in a cultural context. The infographic or habits task we where set was to show others how we perceive ourselves through our skills an life experiences.

We had to display Who your are, How you get there, Who got you there, What influenced your journey, Experiences that shaped you, had to show this via an Infographic.

I hand drew my Infographic , would ideally put in into the computer to make some alterations , add a key to explain certain aspects. Certain bits are self explanatory , but others needs a little hint so the person reading the infographic can understand the information being portrayed.


The top it has my name. Buffering circle or loading figure, shows me an my brother when we where born , being twins he was about 70% ready i wasn’t , but yet was born first. The pie chart shows a rough figure of how much i attended school, with the percentages getting worse as the years went on. In the middle we have a collection of logos an festivals that i have worked at over the years, some of them being our favourite clients. The very bottom section, has 4 facts about me that i think highlight my main aspects.


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