Grid Alphabet

Looking into Swiss design , through designers like Wim Crowell & Jospeh Muller Brockman. Both who where inspired by the grids an guides, that where set out.

In turn we got challenged with creating our own Typeface. Tasked with 6 varying grids, we had to make the typeface follow a certain pattern as to look similar throughout. A link the grids below.

Alphabet Grids 

Experimented with a circular grid but found it hard to find a easy pattern to follow. To start creating a typeface a tip was to try an create the S & W first as they would be the hardest letters to get to look like the overall typeface.


I choose to work with the triangle based grid. Thought it would be a more conventional pattern to follow.


This was the first attempt at the alphabet. Figuring out where the indentations would go on each letter, to have this flow throughout.


The final Alphabet , missing two letters unfortunately ran out of time to complete the task. Believe the typeface follows the same pattern of the grids, an has varying indentations , which flow through each different letter.



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