Video Projection Exhibits

The key to a Exhibiting any work, is to get the audience immersed in the experience you have created. Whether that be through interactivity, visual projections, audience participation.

We looked at Videographers such as Tony Oursler. He is primarily known for his innovative combination of videos, sculptures, and performances. Using expressive faces projected onto objects. He explores the relationship between human individuals and mass media systems through humour & imagination.


Personally not a huge fan of this style of Exhibitions, appreciate the style an the work got into it. As a graphic designer, presenting my work through the videographer medium , don’t think would happen. Would more mount the work , but then again is dependent on the project at hand. Interesting to learn about different styles of exhibiting work an what effect it has on the audience. Each style will bring out different emotions.

An example of Tony Ourslers work :

Tony Oursler AROS – YouTube

Pamen Pereira a spanish artist. Who exhibits a variety of work, drawing , painting, sculpture & installation. He has used projections in his latest exhibit, which i saw when visiting spain. The creation process, brings together his life experience an the nature that they come from.


A Fish bowl that was on quite an old style desk, in which was a projection of waves crashing against the fish bowl. Used the sounds of the waves also to really create the feeling of being there. Below is the link.

Neither the sea sleeps (PROJECTION)

Another example from the same exhibition was what appears to be the mould of a heart, on a drum. The beat of the heart was created from the drum, an visual projections where used to show the heart. Very clever an simplistic way of exhibiting.

Heart Beating On Drum

Image –




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