A structure for pricing jobs. This simple structure is a guideline as to how much things could cost of a minimum. Be prepared to add personal costs into the overall outcome, an never under price yourself, be confident in the work you produce to charge a good rate.

Logo Design Branding. 

  • Simple logo couple hundred.
  • Full company branding £1000.
  • Expect big name companies to pay ten times that.


  • Simple designs for small company letterheads, business cards and compliment slips, could start £300.
  • Cost will rise again dependent on client.


  • Quite a sliding scale.
  • £250 would be a quality but generic website design.
  • £1000 would be a stand out design, for simple brochure style site.


  • Depends on the product and how you want to package it. Could be jars, boxes.
  • £1000-£2000.

Brochure and Magazine.

  • Brochure £1000.
  • Magazine cost more depending on number of pages that need to be designed.
  • Factor in printing costs.

Email Campaigns.

  • £500 for single email design.
  • Added cost comes from acquiring the mail list , then sending it out.

Always calculate your business expenses could include :

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Attending Conferences
  4. Advertising
  5. Marketing
  6. Domain Names
  7. Office Supplies
  8. Office Rental
  9. Insurance
  10. Legal/Accounting Fees
  11. Membership dues/Adobe

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