Developing A CV




A great CV is vital when trying to find work, there is no perfect template to follow. Its all about the content involved, an how you have showed that.

Being a graphic Designer its important to  focus on structure, layout, type & style, there going to be expecting something that is well worked, spelt correctly and a little out of the ordinary.

Should be no more than two sides of A4. Stressing your achievements & strengths , in a positive manner, making a good impression in a clear an positive way.

Personal information can be limited to what is necessary , your name, email , relevant social media links. Don’t add your photo. No need to add your age anymore due to change in laws. A history of your previous jobs, starting for most recent first. Can include voluntary roles, if relevant again.

Tailor it towards the job your are applying for, add interests that will link into your given skill set, highlighting what the employee needs. Give examples, keep them short an concise , can always expand in the interview if asked.

Have a strong viable reason for wanting the job, link this into relevant skills sets, past experiences.

References would have to be of the most recent job, can have up to 2 maximum references, always make sure its going to be a good one, they can’t lie or change information. Remember the reference could be asked to answer specific questions on you, choose a reliable person.

Make sure you spellcheck your CV before sending it out, has to have an air of professionalism throughout.

Research into the employee , what the company is about, who they are, what they do, how long they have been in the industry, look into past projects, just do your research.

Print onto high quality paper, you want your CV to stand out above the rest , it could come down to the final details. You want to present yourself as a professional , so make every detail portray that.


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