Rap Up & Re-do


We where given a double page spread from a  magazine, they all differed in style, context an overall difficulty to recreate. Using our skills we have picked up ver the last couple of weeks, we had to recreate said double page spread. Above is the original of the item we have to create, and a step by step guide on how it was done.


Created a Double page spread. Of which on one layer i had the original pages, this could be turned on an off through the layers.


Always name the layers , easier to find work an change individual pieces as an when needed , with ease.


Using the Pen tool we could trace around the ‘Rap Up’ slogan. Using a different layer to trace onto.


Once traced if you use the black arrow an highlight all the letters you can Group them together , therefore can move around as one object rather than individual letters.


Now you have one solid image.


We then turn off the Original layer to reveal our traced type.


To make sure everything on the page was pleasing to the viewers eye, we turned on the Baseline Grid. Allowing us to align everything on the page.


Created some Guides an Grids an turned the Baseline Grid on. We have three columns which follows the original magazine layout.


Highlighted the ‘Rap Up’, changed the Fill & Stroke colour to go to what was in the original. Stroke thickness was altered to give it a bold lining around the edge of the text.


Using the Rectangle Frame Tool create the colours for which you want the text to go into, right click the mouse an change the boxes Content to Text then fill with Placeholder Text.On each corner of the formatted boxes is a white box , you want to click that an click into the box next to it, an so on until all boxes are connected. Go to View/Extras/Show Text Threads, it will show these connecting arrows, that is the flow of the text throughout the article. Makes everything so much easier, being able to link all boxes , shapes, etc to connect means you can really move objects around the page, yet still keeping the ease to read.


The boxes for the photos are the same technique, using the Rectangle Frame Tool, create the boxes needed for the images to go in, Right click/Content/Graphic, this apply when inputting images.


Highlight the box , File/Place select image. You can adjust by hovering over the image a circle will appear moving that circle will move the image in the box, to change the size hold shift an go to the corners to drag in to make fit the box.


Create Page Numbers, would add a box, Right click/Insert Special Character/Numbers/Current Page Number. Then add in the number of the pages (normally wouldn’t just enter the corresponding number) to both boxes. Align to the edge of the page.


To change the colour of the page , Window/Colour/Swatches , move the C/Y/M/K as you please to find the perfect colour that matches, then apply.


Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 13.31.43.png

Placed Text Boxes under images to crate captions, used the placeholder text to fill these in.


Placed all images in the Rectangle Text Boxes, altered them to size.


Created another Layer, to trace the ‘At the skate ranch’ type onto, to then add into the master pages. Named the Layer as to not cause any confusion. Had trouble changing the Stroke colour on this one for some reason, as managed to change it before.


The final images are off the Final project, i encountered a few minor doubles when trying to export the final document to a PDF file, it was saying the colour presets weren’t that off the original so they would have to revert back to the original when saving. Therefore when saved the image didn’t have the Pink pages as intended. Need to figure out how to change that an export it as a final piece.




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