Bring Forward & Sending Back

Placement of images an text can change how the views reads the article or looks at an image. We have been learning how to change placement, to make it easier for the viewer, an how it apply through certain platforms, magazine, newspapers etc.


We drew three shapes on the pages filled them in with colour so we could see the change when adjusting the placement.


Then aligned the shaped diagonally along the page.


Allowing us to see the change when bringing an object backwards an forwards.


You right click on the share you want to change placement off.


Clicking on to Arrange then you have 4 options. Bring forward , Send backward, Bring to front & Send to back.

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 17.10.51.png

We choose Send to back, as you can see the green circle has gone behind both the red an yellow.

Useful knowledge, helps when designing several layouts an is quick an easy to see the results.


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