Top tips for the perfect invoice.

Best Practices:

  1. Should be prim and proper.
  2. Necessary task.
  3. Keeping clients informed of your expectations, will aid in getting paid in time whilst retaining your professionalism.

Their details an yours: 

  1. Client Adress , the name of clients contact who handles the account.
  2. Your company name, your address , your names, your telephone number an email.
  3. Every available avenue of contact therefore no excuses when it comes to client saying can’t contact you.

Itemised list of services: 

  1. Want to know what there paying for.
  2. Each stage of design explain in detail, print pieces how many etc.
  3. Be specific.
  4. Specify the rate of the job, could be hourly or for the whole project.

Include your terms:

  1. When payment shall be received.
  2. What happens if deadlines are missed.
  3. To allow for overdue notices/charge interest, need to have a rock solid paper trail.


  1. Cheque/Mail transfer.
  2. Explicitly clear about what you expect and in what form.
  3. Discuss beforehand with the client, just to be clear on project expectations.


  1. Number invoices, systematically an chronologically , easier to track.


  1. Appreciation if the key you have worked very hard to produce to the clients needs, make them aware you appreciate them using your services.
  2. Vice versa, great opportunity for you, always could ask for a testimonial will help gaining future clients.


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