Hand manipulated letters

We selected a letter then applied one of the five fonts we are working with in our specimen books.

Selected the letter H an choose Futura Medium. After printing the selected letter full size, had to cut it out of the paper, an use cameras , lighting and patterned sheets to create a sense of manipulation but in its most basic forms.

To one of my H’s i applied lines in red at a diagonal across the letter. To add more texture an definition when manipulated.

After taking the photos, we then put them into Photoshop an edited them. Using threshold an gradients. Adjusting the levels to challenge the brightness an contrast, an how it would effect the style of the letter, how much of it would disappear, through adjusting the levels.


img_0509  _mg_6605

Changed the image into a Bitmap which allowed us to add these halftone styles.





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