There are several steps and stages to going freelance, below are some key examples.

Online Portfolio :

  1. Make is effective.
  2. Have an impressive online presence.
  3. Potential clients/employers will want to have access to work, so have a clear online blog/website for the client to browse at. Easily useable an accessible.

Print Portfolio/Business Cards/Cv’s :

  1. Impressive tangible portfolio, that links across all platforms, making it recognisable as your own, though styles colours.
  2. Use branding/identity to create business cards , stationary, stickers, anything you can attach your logo to the better.

Be bold be brave :

  1. Don’t be afraid to contact businesses via email phone, spread your work.
  2. Don’t say NO, if an opportunity arises take it.

Extra Mile:

  1. Go further and beyond what is expected, within reason of your budgets.
  2. Word of mouth great way of getting work an retaining clients.

Small Jobs :

  1. Doing well at the small jobs can open doors for the future.
  2. Starting small gives the initial work experience of working one to one with a client, rather than chucking yourself in at the deep end and pitching to several clients at once.


  1. Come across in your work as well as your personality.
  2. Be confident in your pricing if your good price to that quality.
  3. Be as confident as the client sees fit don’t go in there all guns blazing.


  1. Daily new techniques and styles are being developed, have to keep in the loop else as a designer you will get left behind.
  2. Social networking is a great way of spreading your work across different platforms, therefore reaching many more people.
  3. Start an maintain a blog, comment on others in the designer community.


  1. Join designer forums/communities.
  2. Keep in the loop and up to date.
  3. If work is slow focus on personal projects.
  4. Don’t let the creativeness stop , keep creating on the daily.


  1. Note things down
  2. Influences around you, daily observations.


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