Type & Indesign

Been looking at treating type as an image. Making it an illegible as possible through disturbing the image. Using anchor points on the font to distort the overall effect , therefore making it your own typeface almost. Covering the text in lines to again distort the viewers take.


1.Created a new document in portrait. Alongside the document Neil had us download.


2. Add a Text Box click & drag , so the type won’t go out limits of the box.


3. Choose a font (Futura medium weight) , create an A-Z. Create a paragraph break, 4/5 letter per line. Kerning changed to Optical, tracking up to 50, point size changed to 110. Make all caps. Choose Align Centre.


4. Align to the Artboard, go to Type, create outlines, turning the font into a Vector , changing into an Image.

5. Dots make up the vectors, the distance between the letters. Go to Object, select Ungroup, allows the letters to separate, so can alter as separate images.

6. You can use the white arrow to select the anchor points, use the pen tool to drag the anchor points , you can then alter the letter into your own image.

7. Create a new layer, select the Line Segment Tool, hold shift an drag will create the perfect straight line, need to add a fill and stroke colour , to allow you to see the line.

8. To create multiple lines hold Alt an drag, select the black arrow and drag to highlight all the lines created, choose align to selection , you can overlay section of multiple lines, by copying an pasting. Hold shift an drag again to create more lines.

9. Select Object – Transform – Rotate, can move the multiple lines to any degree to disturb the text, overlaying multiple lines.

10. Final images, mucked around with using the Line Segment tool.


Learnt how to move the letters individually an create new anchor points, which allows you to stretch an alter the letterform to create a new style.


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