Indesign Adding Pictures

Adding pictures into indesign, can be done in several ways. Always make sure you keep the pictures an the documents in the same file so they are linked.

1.Create a document of any size

2. Drag the rectangle frame tool.


3. Right click the box can change the content from text to graphic.


4. Highlight the box go to file – place – select the image. The image will then appear in the highlighted box.


5. The image will be cropped by the box automatically. If roll over the image a circle will appear , you can see the imagine size in relation to the box.


6. Drag the box across. Right click – fitting- fill content. Can change to frame proportionally , an content proportionally.



7. Can add an image into shapes. Choose the Eclipse tool, create a circle if hold shift will create the perfect circle . Again right click – place – image.


8. Can change the Opacity go the images, normal 30/40%.



9. Can create shapes with the Pen icon, in a dot to dot form. Then again you highlight the given shape , right click , place image.



10. You can adjust the shape by using the white arrow dragon the points out.


Learning how to input images, through different shapes an styles. Will add to any future designs. Didn’t know how to add them to shapes before, or how to alter the image, to show certain aspects of it.


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