IMG_1523.JPGPre-production the work undertaken on a project, before the full scale production starts.

Singular ideas can be great but hard to run with solo. Better to have a larger pool of ideas and people to bounce those off, could outcome a better idea.


Script writing – Devlopment of a story, making it coherent. Ordering the story to then be put on screen. Dialogue , directions , actions and characters.

Story boarding – Understanding the camera shots and framing , considering an creating the overall clarity.

Locations – Finding some relevant locations, suitable to use. Different locations could draw differently feelings from the viewer, this is dependant on script writing an storyboarding.


Todorov created the 3 act structure.

Beggining – Equlibrium

Middle – Distruption

End – Resolution

This theory can and is applied to most films.


This was applied to what we had done previously in interdisciplinary, learning new techniques that we wouldn’t normally learn. Good to learn new practices an techniques.


Image –




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