Interview Techniques

Pre-Interview Techniques

  1. Be prepared
  2. Be aware the interviewer may do research on you.
  3. Make sure you know who’s interviewing you, you can then tailor your answers to that person.
  4. Research into the industry, organisation, that particular role.
  5. Keep up to date with the company’s Twitter/Facebook, even newspaper articles.
  6. Prepare a start and an end to the interview, iterating what you want, an why.
  7. Remember what you have written in your application an go over the day of the interview.

The Interview

  1. Dress appropriately to what the company is.
  2. Be in good time , to be early is never a bad thing.
  3. Deep breaths if your are anxious, calm yourself before entering the room.
  4. Turn any devices of or leave out of the room.
  5. Shake the interviewers hands, make eye contact, say you are pleased to be there, short time to make a favourable impression.
  6. Confidence is the key, answer questions slowly an succinctly, don’t mumble or hesitate to say something.
  7. Don’t say to much or to little, answers can always be expanded on if needs be.
  8. Equal eye contact between the interviewers if more than one, maintain this throughout the interview.
  9. Make casual mentions that will link to the research you have done into the company.
  10. Never ever lie.
  11. Relate experiences to qualities that would favour you for the job.
  12. Be committed an motivated when asked where would you see yourself in this job in 3/5 years time.

First an foremost be prepared for any outcome , do your research and act motivated an keen.


Image taken from 5 things to research before your job interview – Idealist Careers


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