Research an important part to any project or client work, though collecting correct pieces of information you become more knowledgable about the intended outcome.

Why an How to research

  1. Research is not inspiration.
  2. Know Audience , who they are , what they need.
  3. Know the Client, who they are , brand guidelines, customer base, brand ethos an style. LINKS WITH ABOVE.
  4. Context, where the work is going , audience ideals, copyright, design.


What to research 

  1. Materials.
  2. Processes.
  3. Previous work, client , personal , general.
  4. Client user profiles
  5. End user profiles , audiences.
  6. Budget, good clue of the expectations of the client. More money higher quality an so forth.
  7. Resources, may hire in , dependent on budget.
  8. Technology, tech processes, keep up to date.
  9. Competitors, who else sells to the intended audience.


Form of research 

  1. Reading, blogs , books, journals, previous work.
  2. Observations, client work.
  3. Testing, what ideas are relevant for that client and or audience.
  4. Bricolage, DIY, looking around you what you can make from that an how can you make that new.
  5. Photography
  6. Drawings
  7. Intervention, how people react to it, how could solve an need or a problem.
  8. UEX, user experiences, web, monitors where the readers eye go to an how long they spend reading certain information.


Useful to learn how an what to research, so it is a hundred percent useful for the project at hand.

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