Indesign A5 Book


Learnt how to create a template for an A5 book on Indesign. this would then be used to make three specimen books to display our contextual research into Typography.

Being taught the basics of how to design a a5 book, will allow us to take those skills an apply it to different scaled books.

Step by step guide

1. New document, PRINT intent. A5 size, always allow for 3MM bleed.

 Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 14.29.59.png

2. Create guides. 5 Rows and 3 Columns. Layout – Create guides.


3. Duplicate the pages to create 16. Highlight both A-Master pages drag an drop below, repeat until have 16 pages.


4. Double click on your A-Master page. Create a text box at the bottom of each page. In that text box TYPE – SPECIAL CHARACTER – MARKERS – CURRENT PAGE NUMBER.


5. Click on text box un-tick both allow functions.


6. Click the three stripes menu, go to NUMBERING & SECTIONING. Make sure you have highlighted one of the text boxes previously created. Click START PAFE NUMBERING AT: you want the number to be 1. Warning message IGNORE.


7. Create a B-Master page, delete the text boxes an apply to pages 1/2 and 16. As these won’t require numbers. Drag the B-Master onto the a master pages.



8. You then have a finished A5 book layout. With all the correct page numbers.

We can then apply these templates to make our three type books. Along with the indesign instructional guide. Nice to have a guide to follow each time, but have to get used to making an creating them from memory. Changing the sizes etc.


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