Designer Communcation

Communication is the key, in any given job. Keeping in contact with your clients is an essential day to day task. It allows the client or yourself to have full control of the project at hand, an be able to clearly layout terms of cost, payment etc.

You may have to change your approach in regards to the client, dependent on what industry they work in , could be high proffesionals you have to work with, or a relaxed independent company. Learn to be on your toes. Written word is a huge part of contact, you want it to be complementary to your creative skills.


  1. Emails – Avoid bad grammar, makes sure all set correctly an makes sense. Proof read.
  2. Blogs – A place to show what you do, show off your knowledge an skills.
  3. Contracts – These have to be specific , what is happening, deadlines, when the project will be completed by.  Assets needed. Deliverables.
  4. Invoices – Clearly layout the terms an conditions of payment.
  5. Brief – Work out the clients needs as early on, so you have a clear construct to work from, work in conjunction with your account manager.
  6. Website – Include Bios, links to Blogs/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Make sure its all spelt correctly, makes sense an has a great attention to detail.
  7. Portfolio – Include a wide range of skills, through different avenues of design, add captions to your work.



Great to learn new ways of communication an how to go about them in a professional manner, its so important to present yourself in the correct way when talking to clients.


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